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OPP: Stay Hot If You Stay Home

Kristie needs your help:

"Yi Slacker & Steve,
I recently became a stay-at-home-mom. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be at home with my kids now and honestly I didn’t want to work anymore (taking care of the kids is a full-time job anyway). While going over our finances, my husband made a comment that he is fine with me staying home, but in order to do so I have to work out and “keep my body hot.” He said he is worried that I am going to be sitting around too much and gain weight. The kids are in school half the day so it wouldn’t be an issue, but why should he get to dictate what I do in my spare time? He said I “should appreciate the fact he works hard to provide me with the lifestyle I live” and I “should want to keep him happy” because of it. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. I carried, gave birth to and am raising his children and he thinks he has the right to give orders like that. We’ll be listening…please tell him he’s crazy.

Both Slacker and Steve agree that this guy is an idiot for approaching the subject this way! Slacker thinks that this is a conversation that could be had in a much more delicate way than her husband is doing. Steve asked the question "why should she have to be told shouldn't she be doing this automatically?" He thinks that one of the things you have to do when your married. Slacker countered that with saying "you get married so you don't have to try anymore." He says that every one is their own weird ways make deals in their relationships, trading this for that.

Is her husband ridiculous? Or is Kristie entitled to let her body go because she gave birth? Who's right, who's wrong?


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12/11/2012 5:29PM
OPP: Stay Hot If You Stay Home
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12/11/2012 5:40PM
He could have gone about it in a nicer way
I think that if I could stay at home I would like to stay in shape for my significant other. I don't think he is wrong for asking, but he could have gone about it in a nicer way.
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