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OPP: Stand up in Court

Tori is having a dilemma, her sister isn’t a good mother, and going through a custody battle with her brother-in-law. She is worried about what will happen if she speaks up against her sister in court, and sides with her brother-in-law. She obviously believes that her brother-in-law should have custody of the children, but is worried what will happen with the family if she speaks up against her sister in court.
Steve’s opinion lies with the children; he believes that the kids should be with the parent who can give a healthy home environment. Slacker and Steve both agree that Tori’s sister is a bad mother and should be with her former brother-in-law, regardless of what consequences Tori might go though, that being possibly losing contact with her family.  Regardless of what happens you must be an advocate for the kids.
What do you think she should do?
I agree with Slacker and Steve, the children should be going to the best home environment. Regardless of what the family thinks they all should have the kids’ best interest at heart.
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02/07/2013 5:38PM
OPP: Stand up in Court
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