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OPP: Spreading Ash


Today’s OPP comes from Mark, he writes:

Yi! My uncle recently passed away and had one final wish. He was a huge Cubs fan and wants his ashes on Wrigley Field. My aunt is not in great condition and could never make the trip herself so she asked me to spread his ashes instead. I don’t think I can do it. First, I’m not sure I can get the time off of work. Second, wouldn’t that be illegal? I don’t want to go throw some ashes onto some grass and end up in jail for it. Or what if I go all the way there and the wind is blowing and I can’t throw them? Do I have to make a second trip? I know this was his dying wish but it seems a little overwhelming at this point. How do I get out of this?

Slacker says he doesn’t know if it’s illegal…but it just feel wrong. People do this all they time, they go to ridiculous places saying “it was their last wish.” He read a story that Disney World has staff members who are supposed to make sure people don’t bring ashes into the theme park and dump them there. People actually do this all the time saying that their dying wish was to be buried in the happiest place on earth.

Steve says that Mark can’t just dump stuff on Wrigley's Field, especially during a game! Plus if he has season tickets and gets caught doing this – he’s done.

Slacker’s advice to Mark – don’t do it! Steve agrees, they’re never going to know. Slacker wants it to be clear that when he gets cremated he doesn’t care where he gets dumped. He would never ask someone to drop him on Wrigley’s Field. Where does Slacker want to be dumped? In a dumpster for all he cares.

What do you think Mark should do to get out of this situation?

With Love,
Intern Elana

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08/06/2013 5:33PM
OPP: Spreading Ash
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