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OPP: Speed Therapy


We are doing multiple OPP’s today…

Yi! I went on a first date the other night. I thought everything went good on the date but he didn’t try to kiss me when he dropped me off. I was expecting it but got NOTHING! Does that mean he’s not into me? Nikki

Yi, I have a moral question to pose to you and your listeners.  If you rented a car and found money in the glove box, would you return it?  I recently had my car in the shop and rented a car for a few days while it was being worked on.  It wasn't until the day I was going to return it that I opened the glove box and found an envelope with money in it.  It wasn't a fortune, mind you, but a few hundred dollars.  I first put it in my wallet and went on about my business, and now my guilt is tugging on me a bit. Should I have kept it? JJ

 Yi Slacker and Steve - I saw a neighbor taking something out of another neighbors mailbox and am not quite sure what to do about it.  At first I thought maybe they'd left something for him in there, then I remembered they'd been gone for a couple of days so that wouldn't be likely.  I don't know either of the homeowners very well and I'm thinking that may be my excuse for not getting involved. Thoughts? Nora

Slacker and Steve both think that either the guy is not into her or she has found the one gentleman left. 

They would not get involved with the neighborhood theft; they would not want to get into a whole federal investigation over mail theft.

They would keep the money that was found in the rental car. 

What advice do you have for these OPPs?

I would tell Nikki not to worry about not getting a kiss on the first date.  He was probably trying to be a gentleman and wait until the second date before making a move.  It does sound crazy but there are gentleman out there who want to do the right thing and be old school and respectful. I’m sure he wanted to kiss Nikki and I’m sure he will if given another chance.

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01/17/2013 6:09PM
OPP: Speed Therapy
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