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OPP: Sister-in-law Off Birth Control

Today’s OPP comes from Natalie. She wrote:

Yi Guys, my brother and sister and law got married last October. They have been discussing children and my brother has decided to go back to school for his masters in the fall. He told me THEY decided to wait till he finished his school and to be honest he is a party boy and not ready for parenthood yet but will be. They have been out of town for a month and during that time her sister has informed me that my sister in law has secretly decided to go off birth control and my brother will be fine with it once he is a dad. I have this information and I do not know if I should tell him and possibly ruin their relationship or if I should keep my mouth shut and possibly ruin his current life. HELP!

Slacker thinks that not telling her husband she has decided to go off birth control isn’t fair to him. He says by doing this his wife is making a life altering decision for him, which is not okay. Steve says that sometimes men need to be pushed a little. Slacker had to push Steve into buying a house. Steve says at the time he was nervous, scared, and reluctant, but is so happy that in the end he did it – all he needed was that push. Slacker thinks that women have this hormonal change in their body where they wake up one day and say they are ready for kids, men on the other hand don’t have that. Slacker still thinks that the husband has every right to know, regardless of the fact that sometimes men need that nudge. Either way, Slacker and Steve agree that if Natalie tells her brother she will ruin their marriage.

What do you think Natalie should do?

I think Natalie absolutely needs to tell her brother about her sister-in-laws major decision to go off birth control. Relationships are all about honesty and trust – that is the key to having a successful marriage. Starting a family is a decision that needs to be made between both husband and wife.

With love,
Intern Elana

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06/12/2013 5:32PM
OPP: Sister-in-law Off Birth Control
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