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OPP: Sister Marrying Old

Yi! Today's OPP comes from Gwen:

Yi! My sister is in love with this guy, but I think he's all wrong for her. He has tons of baggage. He's 41, has 5 kids and 2 ex-wives. She is 25 with no kids and has never been married. I'm trying to explain to her that just because you love someone doesn't mean that you should marry them. Is this true, or should you always follow "true love"?

Do you think Gwen is right? Is it her place to tell her sister who is right for her to marry?

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07/02/2013 4:22PM
OPP: Sister Marrying Old
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07/02/2013 5:42PM
Holy Cow..
Yi, Hi My name is Julia and I am only 17 years old. I haven't had a ton of experience dating, however I am in a two year relationship, but it doesn't take a genius to tell that that guy is seriously scary. He seems mentally an/or physically abusive. I would never date a man who said things like that about women... Huge red flags.. Like I said, It doesn't take a genius..
07/02/2013 6:15PM
I can not believe that regardless of the age or ex's or kids! THIS MAN JUST JUSTIFIED ON THE AIR THAT IT'S WOMEN WITH VOICES LIKE THAT THAT DRIVE MEN TO HIT THEM, IMPLYING THE MAN DOSEN'T HAVE A CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT STORY RIGHT THERE IS GOING TO BE MY NEXT PLATFORM, working in the mental health field what the hell are we passing on to young women today and role modeling for them. That man is a time bomb and women are I HATE TO SAY IT ASKING FOR IT BY ACCEPTING THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOR
07/02/2013 6:59PM
Run far run fast
This makes me so sad. After hearing this man speak, I felt sick to my stomach. I am 56 and was married to a psychopath. I know this area of mental illness. Good women who want to fix, nurture help get schmoozed by men like this all the time. This is not an age difference issue, this is about heavy duty control. If this women goes through with this, she will not be able to breath without permission. He is a form of predator. I got this from the statements that came from his mouth...nothing else. Please don't marry this man. I bet he blamed his exs' for everything, if he did; get away fast.
07/02/2013 7:27PM
Want to give my opinion.
whats the number to be able to call in?
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