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OPP: Single Dad Sleepover

Yi! Today's OPP is from Jason:

Yi guys,
I am a single dad that has custody of my 13-year-old daughter for the next few months. She wants to have a sleepover but I’m a little wary of it for a few reasons. First, I don’t want to look like a huge creep to the other parents. I don’t have a girlfriend so there would be no women in the house except the girls staying there. I think we can all agree that a guy having a bunch of teen girls in his house doesn’t look good. Second, I haven’t met a lot of my daughter’s friend’s parents and I don’t know that having a sleepover would be the best way to introduce myself to them. I aslo really don’t want to put myself in the situation of being accused of anything. I know this sleepover means a lot to my daughter and it will crush her if I say no, but I just don’t think it’s a good idea. What should I do?

Do you think it's a bad idea? Is Jason over-thinking the situation?

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06/19/2013 4:01PM
OPP: Single Dad Sleepover
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06/19/2013 5:35PM
Clearly that last caller was sexually abused and needs therapy
That last caller has some SERIOUS issues. It seems VERY clear that she was sexually abused as a child by someone very close to her - father, uncle, grandfather. Her unfounded hostility to men raising young girls is a clear indication of this. She may or may not remember being abused, as a lot of women suppress memories of this until they have children the same age as when their abuse began, but her out of control reaction to a father trying to do the right thing is a clear indication that she has been abused. She needs to get therapy and stop attacking all men.
06/19/2013 5:42PM
Single Dad Sleepover
I was just listening to that female caller making ALL men out to be pedophiles. Wow, first of all did she really listen to what this dad is asking? I have been that single mom with a daughter whose dad was a single father and same situation. I wouldn't let my daughter go to a sleep over at "his" house unless I knew there was going to be a female adult there as well. I think this dad is correct in NOT letting his daughter have a sleep over. You two are right as far as men getting in trouble even if he is an awesome dad/person. I understand him wanting to make sure she has a good time but, he would be in so much trouble just because if one of the girls wanted to be deceiving and go home and tell mom and dad that he "raped" or "touched her" in inappropriate places, his life would be over and he would NEVER be able to see his daughter without supervision. It is a sad world we live in and I believe that you guys hit the nail on the head. She obviously hates men for some reason or she wouldn't be saying that, or she was molested by a "sleepover" she went to. I can not believe she even said that ALL men have impure thoughts about 13 year olds. They do if they are sick in the head, but if it's your daughter and you are the better parent and have custody, well, he deserves that. Maybe the mom is sick in the head and that is why Jason has his daughter. Regardless, The men I know that have daughters because of loss of a wife or whatever, do not have impure thoughts about their daughter or 13 year olds. They are raising their child the best way they know how. Slacker, you don't have to apologize for had every right to attack her. That B with an itch needs to back off....
06/19/2013 5:44PM
Leah is a nut case and the Exact Reason the dad worries
YiYiYi what a nut case and because of people like Leah think the twisted was she does, is the exact reason why the dad has to think about protecting himself..because she thought it was so disgusting ( i'm so mad i can't even spell it). I've has 2 friends in a situation where younger girls accused the husband because they had a crush on them and where rebuffed and yelled rat. After being drug through the mud in courts by the girls parents the truth finally came out about her motives, the other guy not so lucky and is listed as a pedophil and cant be around his own kids with out supervision!
06/19/2013 5:48PM
Leah has Daddy issues
Wow, Leah, there is a free mental health service in every county. Seek your nearest one and unburden your past. First of all, when you lash out like you did Leah you look less than educated, but really . . . continue on with your ignorance . . . I hear that cooky westboro church is looking for members to picket the funerals of people. To Jason . . . good for you for considering the possible issues involved as well as your daughter's feelings. I think you should sit down with your daughter and explain your situation with her. Tell her that you have no problem with her having a sleep over, however, you have hesitations based on the living arrangements as they stand right now. Suggest that perhaps one of the other girls' (her friends) parents host the sleepover because of the arrangements and the possible misconstruing of situations. You are right to be cautious, Leah's needs help. Yi Slacker and Steve.
06/19/2013 6:11PM
Jason can't have a sleep over because one of the girls might have a "Leah" for a mom
Yi!Kudos to Jason for being concerned about this situation. I don't think a single man can overthink anything when it involves teenage girls. That sweet 13 year old who had such fun at Jason's daughter's sleep over can easily become the 17 year old girl who hates Jason's daughter because some boy likes her more, then all of a sudden she "remembers" Jason's inappropriate behavior. We all know that teen age girls tend to be drama queens, but sometimes we forget that they can become vindictive liars, and one comment can ruin a man's life forever.
07/02/2014 7:15PM
What about the cheetos?
Hey Jason, I think you should just ask one or two of the other parents to come over and kick it with you while the girls do their thing. Have a couple of the other dads over for poker or a sci-fi movie or something. The creepy factor is one thing, but also what if one of them gets hurt or sick or something and you need to drive them to the hospital. Or if you run out of cheetos.. It will be better to have another adult around for lots of reasons. J
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