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OPP: Should She Tell

Betsy is a young divorcée and has started dating an amazing man. She’s pretty sure he is the one but I haven’t been entirely honest with him. Betsy’s first marriage ended because she was unfaithful and hasn’t told him that. She was young and stupid at the time and now knows it was wrong. Betsy has matured since then and now knows exactly what she wants out of a relationship—and he is it.
Slacker is really torn on today’s OPP; part of him says yes, and the other part says no you don’t.  Steve on the other hand is against her telling him the truth, he believes that he doesn’t need to hear it; you don’t have to tell him everything about your past.
Should Betsy tell him why her first marriage ended? She is worried if she doesn’t come clean it could come back to bite her in the butt. But Betsy also doesn’t want him to think differently about her because she was a different person then. What advice do you have?
This is a double edge sword…but ultimately she should tell him.  If she thinks he is the one then he should know the truth about her past. 
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04/22/2013 5:43PM
OPP: Should She Tell
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