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OPP: She Made Changes Without Asking


Today’s double OPP is about making changes… but failing to tell your significant other beforehand and ultimately blindsiding them.  One woman told her husband about her breast reduction over the phone.  He got really upset but she refuted by saying “it’s her body, she’s the one in pain, and she still has breasts so chill out.”  Another woman got a dramatic haircut without mentioning it to her boyfriend first…

“Yi boys! My girlfriend recently stunned me by coming home with a new haircut. She chopped all of her beautiful blonde hair off for no reason other than she wanted a change. I HATE IT. I definitely would have protested if she would have mentioned it to me before. How can I tell her to regrow her hair without hurting her feelings? I have to be honest she looks like a tomboy because her face is so long. HELP!


Slacker says that he would freak out if he was in Derrick’s position.  He has a slight disposition to women with long hair, anyways, but ultimately understands that in a relationship, the men have to ask for permission and the women can do whatever they want.  Steve came in from left-field and said that Derrick’s girlfriend is getting ready to leave him.

What changes have you made without telling your significant other?

I’ve never really been in this situation but I feel that it’s only common courtesy to discuss things with your significant other; even if it only involves hair.  Sure you don’t have to ask your significant other about everything but surely, being a woman, the subject of an impending haircut had to have come up. Women talk about everything; pedicures? Yeah, we’re just talking about our feet. Who knows if it was simply a whim or if she’s hiding something or trying to make a statement by doing this, but what I cannot stand is this double standard women seem to think they have (I can say this, I am one)… No, you can’t do whatever you want and then expect your boyfriend to ask you for permission to do what he wants.

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

(photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net) 

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01/30/2013 5:40PM
OPP: She Made Changes Without Asking
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