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If you’re paying 50% of the rent, you should get 50% say about what goes on in the house…right? Today’s OPP thinks so and she needs your help telling her roommate to put her family on the streets so she can be comfortable in her own home.
Yi guys! I’m having an issue with my roommate and I need some help. Her brother has a pretty bad drug problem that he is trying to kick and she wants him to stay with us for a while to keep him away from the scene. I know for a fact that he has stolen from family members to pay for drugs in the past and he has at least one violent crime on his record. She says that he has been clean for a few weeks now and she just wants to protect him from falling back into old habits. She also says it’s her brother and she has to protect him any way she can. I know he has no self-control and I don’t want him in my house. What if he relapses and starts stealing our stuff? What if he tries to (r-word) or accost me in some drug induced craze? How do I get her to understand it’s not a good idea to have him in the house?

Steve suggests locks on the bedroom, but that doesn't solve the items in the common areas from being stolen, should this guy feel the need for fast cash. Tough call!

Slacker puts it out there that Brianna is trying to live the American dream and now this issue might jeopardize that dream. He also feels that it would be tough to say no to a family member in need.

The guys are stuck on this fence with this one...Who trumps who here?

What advice do you have?

If the roommate with the brother has the money for her half of her current bills, she should push the brother to get a job and move in with him on her own. Then they can share a place and work it out if things go sour. There's no need to get a third and innocent party involved. She wants to be helpful? Challenge the roommate and the brother to take responsibilty and be accountable for his recovery. Just sayin'!

-Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Forte

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04/19/2013 5:22PM
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04/19/2013 6:17PM
Brianna has every right to say no
Yi guys! I think you guys are confusing the matter by rolling 2 separate issues into 1. 1) The 50/50 issue. Well, this isn't really an issue at all. I think you both agreed that each person has a 50% stake in the apartment. You need a majority or it doesn't happen. This is how partnerships work. If both don't agree, it can't be passed or the partnership doesn't work. If there were 3 people in the household and 2 voted for the brother staying, the third person would have to accept that and decide if their own situation needed to change. In this case, though it's 2 people, so there must be an agreement or the partnership will fail. 2) the second issue is the one about weather the fact that he is family to one of the roomates trump the 50/50 rule. The problem is the fact that he is her brother is a FACTOR in the decision making process, not a vote. Each person must factor that in to their decision. There's also the factor of safety. The factor of cost. etc. The real issue is, has Brianna factored in all the variables into her decision? She must factor in how it will affect the roomate if she decides against letting the brother move in and how much that weights in over how safe she feels. But ultimately it is her decision to make. JD 720.258.5371
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