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OPP: Punished for Affair

Today’s OPP is from Shannon…

Yi! MY group of friends has completely shunned me and I think it’s ridiculous. I had an affair 10 years ago and they just found out. My husband already knew and we worked through everything. My friends are mad at me because one of them is acquaintances with the wife of the guy I had the affair with and she discovered the affair is why their marriage broke up. Look, I know what I did was not a good thing but I don’t understand why my friends are punishing me for it now. Is there anything I can do to get back on their good side? Do I tell them they’re being ridiculous?
Slacker and Steve, know that this happened a decade ago.  And have come to the conclusion that if your friends are shunning you, they aren’t your real friends. Shannon had an affair 10 years ago, and granted they are finding out now. They are sure the group doesn’t know everyone’s dirty little secrets. Steve sees Shannon’s point, they are just being ridiculous.  
What advice do you have?
Intern Lauren
(Photo courtesy from freedigitalphotos.net)

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06/03/2013 5:30PM
OPP: Punished for Affair
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