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OPP: Pregnant Wife Grosses Him Out

YI!  Today’s OPP is from Darren who wants to tell his pregnant hormonal wife something that isn’t good!

My wife has been pregnant for about two months now and I can't be around her when she eats.  I've never seen someone eat such garbage all the time.  One minute she's having ice cream and pickles and the next Cheetos and salmon.  I've started eating out every day so I don't have to sit and eat while she does.  I don't think she knows that I'm trying to avoid her when she eats, should I tell her?

Slacker has two kids and even his wife will admit that being pregnant is a get out of jail free card to eat whatever, whenever.  Lil D and his wife just recently had a baby and his advice to Darren is to keep his mouth shut.  Women bodies go through so much crazy stuff that consuming so much food is necessary. 

What advice do you have?

Intern Lauren  

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07/08/2013 5:18PM
OPP: Pregnant Wife Grosses Him Out
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