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OPP: Not his Nephew


Samantha’s boyfriend still talks to his ex’s nephew and the kid still calls him uncle. They talk on the phone and her boyfriend sends gifts to him. She’s jealous of him staying in contact with someone from his ex’s life, is she justified? Or completely insane to consider being jealous?

Slacker felt very strongly that Samantha is over reacting and should chill out

On the other hand, Steve felt that she is somewhat justified, the ex-girlfriend should have severed that tie also since it seems like a one way street with her boyfriend.
What do you think?

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01/16/2013 5:20PM
OPP: Not his Nephew
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01/16/2013 5:52PM
other problems?
It sounds like Samantha is having some other issues with her boyfriend that may be underlying. She did mention that he's "not like what you think, he's done some things" when you guys talked about him being a great catch because he cares about this kid. I think she may be upset about some other things and she is choosing this issue because it may be the cherry on top of all of the other problems. He may be lying to her about other things so when she found out about this it just pissed her off even more. I think Samantha needs to get to the root of her issues with him, put the kid thing aside and focus on the more important issues that may be irritating her about their relationship, like trust for example.
01/16/2013 5:59PM
In the health of the realtionship
Samantha, Yes you are right. You should be the number one person in his life and not an ex-girlfriend/ex-nephew. Ask your boyfriend why that relationship is so important ? is it more important then you? If his answer is that the nephew is more important then you, you need to move on. He still has feeling for his ex-boyfriend. If you are more important, have him explain to the nephew that his Aunt and him are no longer dating but it was great meeting him and best of luck little buddy. And end it.
01/17/2013 10:33AM
My thought
I think that she was overreacting
01/17/2013 11:27AM
Split Opinon
Once a relationship is over, it's over. I've never spoken to or with any of my ex's after a break up. That having been said, I also forged some friendships with their sisters or parents. I sometimes keep in touch just to say hey, have drinks or chill out for awhile. They respect that I no longer want to be with him and he's usually never mentioned. Kids are a bit difficult becasue you can just cut the kid off right away.
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