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OPP: Not a Stay-at-Home-Mom


In Today's OPP, there are a lot of uncertainties when having your first child…but Tricia's husband has a totally different idea on one thing she was certain about. Tricia was 100% certain that she was going to be a stay-at-home-mom. Now that the baby is close, her husband is insisting that she go back to work as soon as possible. It’s not what Tricia had planned for motherhood at all. She already has 3 months maternity leave and she feels she will miss out on major lessons and bonding with her child.

Slacker and Steve both believe in the it’s her body her choice type of thing but once that baby is out, it could go either way.

What should she do?

Intern Melinda
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03/08/2013 5:20PM
OPP: Not a Stay-at-Home-Mom
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03/08/2013 5:40PM
Moms should be moms...
You have the rest of your life for a career, you have 6 years to form a strong bond with your child. The man needs to step up and take care of things. The women should support the man by creating a better budget and helping keep the stress level down at home for Dad. It doesn't cost ANYTHING to spend time with your child, to color with your child, to take walks with your child.
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