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OPP: No Ring, No Bring

Today’s OPP comes from Candy. She writes:
Yi Slacker and Steve,
My fiancé is really stressed about every cost associated with our wedding and he wants to cut back in any way that we can. Since we are paying for everything ourselves, I have no problem going cheap where we can. One of the ways he really thinks we can save money is by telling all of our single friends and family that they can’t bring a guest to the wedding. I really disagree with him on that idea. It is supposed to be a day that we share with all of the people we are closest to and I don’t think a lot of people will come if they can’t bring someone with them. The other thing he’s not thinking about is the fact that he’s a few years older than me so nearly all of his friends are married and most of my girlfriends are still single. I want to spend my day with all of my friends and I want them to have a good time. Any way I can change my fiancé’s mind?
Slacker has had two weddings and he thinks they are kind of stupid. He definitely thinks that it is a little unfair that all of the grooms friends are married and hers are not, but he doesn’t understand why Candy would want her girlfriend’s flavor of the month at her special day. While Steve typically avoids weddings, he likes the idea. He thinks it is a good way to get single people to mingle together at a wedding.
Do you think it’s a good idea to not let a single person have a +1 at a wedding? Would you go to a wedding if you were single and couldn’t bring a guest?
- Lil D
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04/16/2013 1:51AM
OPP: No Ring, No Bring
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