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OPP: Let the Son See the Dog Die

Heather and her family are having to put their family dog down, but they want to bring him home to spend a few last days with the kids--don’t worry, he’s not in any pain, we are putting him down before it gets to that point. Their oldest is 11 and his dad wants to bring him to the vet with us when we do it. He says that our son is going to have to be the man of the house someday and needs to start learning how to deal with these situations. He also thinks that he needs to learn that death is a part of life that you have to deal with--even if it’s your best friend. Heather hates the idea of bringing their son into some strange room and letting him see the dog he’s had since he was born be put down. Is this a good life lesson for a boy? Am I overreacting?
Slacker doesn’t think that he could even go in the back and watch…but he is a big baby. This is huge, there really isn’t a right answer…Slacker and Steve are advising against him going in the room, they think he is too young.    
What advice do you have for Heather?
I think that the boy should make the decision, both Heather and her husband are right, but in the end it should be the son’s decision on if he wants to go or not. 
Intern Lauren
(photo courtesy from freedigitalphotos.net)

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04/08/2013 5:32PM
OPP: Let the Son See the Dog Die
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