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OPP: Kids on the Honeymoon

Billie is having an issue...her boyfriend has two kids and she just had her first child. They are getting married next year. Billie is very excited about it but not so excited with his idea of their honeymoon...he wants to bring the kids and a babysitter. Include them with everything but they haven't even gone on a date just the two of them in a year. She doesn't want to sound rude or anything but Billie would like their honeymoon to be just the two of them. How should she bring it up without sounding mean or anything?

Slacker and Steve understand where both sides are coming from.  Slacker says that during the honeymoon you worry about the kids anyways, so if you can afford a second room then go for it and bring the kids. 

What advice do you have?

Personally I think that they should go without the children...Billie just needs to voice her opinion. Don’t they say every relationship needs open communication?

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03/28/2013 5:32PM
OPP: Kids on the Honeymoon
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