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OPP: Kid Regret


Today’s OPP:

“Yi! I was at lunch with a few mommy friends the other day and I said something that has totally ruffled my friends’ feathers. They were all talking about how hard being a parent is and after a couple glasses of wine, I admitted that sometimes I wish I’d never had kids. All my friends went totally silent and now one of them isn’t even returning my calls.
What should I do about this? Should I apologize? I obviously love my kids!

Both Slacker and Steve wanted to get Sarabeth some serious advice- not simply rip her apart for feeling this way.  Steve thinks that other moms also feel this way but will refuse to admit it because there isn’t a mother out there who ever wants to feel like a “bad mom” and admitting that you sometimes regret having your kids will, in that mom’s eyes, equate to being a bad parent.

What advice do you have?

I’m not a mother so I don’t really have any words of wisdom for Sarabeth, but what I can do is understand that she’s human and she’s feeling a human emotion.  Humans regret making certain decisions no matter how large. It’s a tough situation because she says she loves her children, but what I believe she’s feeling is completely overwhelmed and that stress is manifesting itself in the form of regret.

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

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04/17/2013 5:43PM
OPP: Kid Regret
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