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OPP: Is My Husband Gay?

Today’s OPP comes from Megan.

My husband has a tendency to enjoy things that are female oriented.  For example:  his latest obsessions are the "50 Shades Of Grey" series.  Before that, all things Twilight.  He loves getting mani/pedis and spends more time in the bathroom getting read than me.  We've only been together for a couple of years and I'm beginning to wonder if I can stay married to a man who's more of a woman than I am.  Do you think I married a gay man who's in the closet?

Slacker thinks in this day and age that does not make you a gay man.  He does think it is questionable that her husband would be into all of these things, but that being said, that does not make you gay. He doesn’t spend much time getting ready, however some men do. Steve said he does all of those things but it does not make him gay. He does all of these things and he is the furthest thing from gay. He even reads “Twilight” because it is so well written.

Do you think Megan should be worried?

First of all, none of these qualities define a person’s sexuality. Just because a man likes getting mani/pedis or reading books that are typically for women doesn’t mean anything.  Not every man has to like football or drink mass quantities of beer.  I think if their sex life is suffering or he is checking out other men, than she might have a problem.  Otherwise, enjoy the marriage and enjoy each other.  It sounds like you might have lots of things in common.

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01/24/2013 5:38PM
OPP: Is My Husband Gay?
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