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OPP: I Want to be the Man of Her Life

Yi! Today's OPP comes from Tyler:
Yi! The other day my wife came in and said that she needed new tires. I told her she could go about 1500 more miles. Well later she told me that no, she needed to get new tires now. She had called her dad and said that he said so. I was furious! Why couldn't she trust me? Why can’t I be the man that she goes to instead of her dad?
Slacker thinks that Tyler's wife should not have gone to her dad. It is something that they will pay for out of their bank account and he should have no say in matters that involve their finances. Steve and Lil D think that Tyler needs to calm down a little. There is no man that a woman will look up to more than her father. No matter what, she will always go to him for advice.
How does Tyler become the man in her life? Is it normal for women to go to their fathers and not their husband?

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09/03/2013 10:12PM
OPP: I Want to be the Man of Her Life
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09/04/2013 3:37PM
Opp 9-3-2013
I think that Tyler may have let her Down before I mean why else would she feel the need to go to her dad if he did it right the first time every time? You know maybe he need to have a conversation with his wife saying I am not totally incompetent and I would appreciate talking this out like mature adults. But he would also have to be careful to say in a way that would not put her in a defensive position, Defending her dad and possible daddy issues...
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