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OPP: I Know He Has a STD

Nicole and her boyfriend have been having unprotected relations but recently some mutual friends shared a big secret of his with her…Her boyfriend has Herpes and has never told her. Nicole wants him to tell her himself but doesn’t know how to bring it up and doesn’t want to let him know that his friends sold him out.

Slacker doesn’t understand Nicole because she’s not mad at her boyfriend for putting her health at risk.  He dated a girl that informed him that she had the same STD only seconds before having relations and he is very thankful that she gave him the choice.  But he says that had she not divulged the information prior to relations and he found out later, he would have gone crazy on her. 

What advice do you have for her?

This just goes to show that you can never trust people unless you have seen their test results yourself.  Our bodies and health are far too precious to be letting someone else ruin it, so we all need to be looking out for ourselves.  USE PROTECTION! I’m really at a loss for what to say to her or about this…But she should be mad and take action.

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11/29/2012 4:25PM
OPP: I Know He Has a STD
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11/29/2012 5:53PM
Nicole's issue
I think Nicole should take this as a learning lesson and do what she should have done before. Take control of your own health and ask the question: Do you have any STD's? Sounds like she never even had the convo with her current boyfriend.
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