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OPP: How Do I Keep Up?


Today’s OPP comes from Carly. She writes:

 My son just turned 16 and my ex-husband bought him a brand new car for him to learn to drive in.  I was so mad because I know he bought it just to spite me.  He's always worried about being the favorite parent and this car was just another way for him to one up me.  I'm not going to go crazy and buy my son something I can't afford but I don't want to play second fiddle.  What should I do?

Slacker says Carly should just be happy that someone else is buying her kid a car! But in all seriousness, Slacker thinks this is an unwinnable battle.

Steve says that her son won’t appreciate her until he’s older. Until that day comes, Carly just has to accept playing the role as bad cop. Right now dad’s cool, but that doesn’t make him the better parent. Slacker and Steve agree the answer to today’s OPP is…wait. Let dad buy their kid all this expensive stuff, and one day when their son is old enough to realize what counts, he will turn to mom.  

How do you think Carly can keep the playing field level?

With Love,
Intern Elana

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07/16/2013 5:24PM
OPP: How Do I Keep Up?
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