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OPP: Hotel for Prom

Today’s OPP is from Halle who is facing a dilemma and needs advice.

Yi! My 17 year-old daughter asked me if she could stay at a hotel on prom night with her boyfriend. Her friends are renting rooms and she wants to be a part of the action. I trust my daughter, but not some of her friends. Since January, we have grown closer by putting some of our differences aside. I would hate to destroy that goodwill by saying NO, but understand I need to be a parent FIRST and a friend SECOND. What do I do? Should I rent her a room or not?

Slacker and Steve are standing on the fence for today’s OPP.  They see why a hotel would be cool, but on the other hand getting a hotel pretty much means that Halle is condoning a trashed hotel room, relations, and adult beverages being consumed.  So does Halle become the mom who is the toughest and says no, or does she put her credit card on the line and potentially have a large bill from the trashed room, or even worse a grandbaby.

What advice do you have?

I am indifferent on this topic; I had a friend lose her brother, because he was so tired he fell asleep at the wheel.  I see the importance of staying the night somewhere based on the sole fact of exhaustion, but I also don’t think that a hotel to party and hang out with her boyfriend and friends is the best way to go.  If all of her friends have hotel rooms, why doesn’t she just share with them?

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05/06/2013 5:21PM
OPP: Hotel for Prom
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