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OPP: Guys Checking out my Daughter


Advice is needed... Today’s OPP’s little girl is growing up and he’s starting to notice older men check her out… awkward… he’s not sure how protective he should be. Frankly, he’s really freaked out about the whole situation because it takes all of his strength not to walk over to the ooglers and put them in their place.

Slacker knows that this situation is in his future and he’s terrified! When he found out he was having a baby girl he wasn’t sure whether he wanted her to be born less than beautiful, or if he wanted her to look like her mother and destroy the heart of every man she met.

What advice do you have?

Creepers will be creepers, I suppose. My mom was more vocal about it whenever she noticed some dude checking either my sister or me out, and while she was less than happy, she never really did anything outrageous (no ridiculous fashion changes or rules, etc.) because, really, what can she do? The best thing for Paul to do is to look out for her welfare and make sure she doesn’t get in too deep… pretty much just keep doing what he’s doing, but by all means refrain from going overboard (i.e. ruling that she can never hang out with friends, no after school activities, etc).

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

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07/24/2013 5:26PM
OPP: Guys Checking out my Daughter
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