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OPP: Guy Too Good To Be True

Yi! Josie wrote us with today's OPP:

After a somewhat painful breakup, I'm finally back in the dating pool and looking to meet a nice guy. Recently, I met a man who seemed almost too good to be true. He's handsome, intellectually curious, and charming. But I can't help feeling like he's not showing me who he really is. He compliments me constantly. Like...every second. And as flattering as that was at the beginning, I'm starting to get the feeling that he's using the compliments to deflect from answering certain questions or to avoid telling me about himself. Do you think this sounds weird to you, or am I right to be skeptical by the flurry of compliments?

Slacker said the guy Josie is seeing reminds him of Steve in the fact that he doesn't give up information to girls. Steve says guys do it because he thinks it makes him mysterious. Steve says this guy is normal in every way...other than the compliments thing.

What do you think? Is she reading into it too much? Should she be wary of this guy?

(Photo courtesy from freedigitalphotos.net)

05/15/2013 2:10PM
OPP: Guy Too Good To Be True
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