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OPP: Grandpa's Gun


We can all agree that no one should be able to take away our rights…but that’s exactly what today’s OPP wants to do with her grandfather! Her grandfather was a war veteran and always had a conceal to carry permit thing is, his memory is starting to fade and she is afraid he will be unable to recognize his family and hurt someone accidentally.

“Yi Slacker and Steve:
My grandfather is a war veteran and worked hard to support his family. While I don’t always respect his views, I respect him as a man and appreciate everything he has done to make our family what it is. That being said, I think it is time as a family that we step in to and make a decision for him. My grandpa has had a conceal carry permit for years. He says as an American it is his right to protect himself and his family and you can’t trust anyone today, so he carries a loaded gun on his hip anywhere he goes. I think we can all agree that is a little absurd, but I also understand that it is his right. MY problem is that in the last few years his mind has started to go (he’s a lot more forgetful and doesn’t always recognize all of us grandkids). He doesn’t always comprehend what’s going on in situations and I’m really worried that he is going to kill someone. He is from a different generation and has very different thoughts and I’m worried that he would potentially shoot someone just because they have a different color skin and looked at him wrong. Most of my family refuses to do anything and say that he fought for his freedoms and he should be able to exercise them. I disagree and think we should take his guns away before someone ends up dead. Any advice you guys can get me to help change my family’s mind would be appreciated. Thank You, -Jill”

Slacker believes that things like this should be regulated like drivers licenses for elderly. You have to take consistent tests every few years after you reach a certain age.
What advice do you have for her?

Intern Melinda
(photos courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

03/26/2013 5:48PM
OPP: Grandpa's Gun
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