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OPP: Going Home for Thanksgiving


Today's OPP comes from Taylor...

Tyler is headed home for Thanksgiving and his parents always pester him about bringing home a nice girlfriend. He is tired of hearing it every time he goes home…plus,he’s gay. He needs a nice girl with no Thanksgiving plans to go to his parent’s house with him and pretend to be the best girlfriend in the world.

Slacker doesn't see this ending well. As a condition, there are people on the phone that want to gice you advice. There are other gay people that want to critisize, advise or help and he has to listen to them in order for Slacker and Steve to help him.

Steve thinks it's worth a shot. They just have to get together and get their stories straight. Like when they met, what they like to do together, etc.

This woman can't hope for a relationship from this. This is a great opportunity for an actress to advance her skills, maybe someone not going home for the holiday or maybe an "orphan" who needs a full on Thanksgiving dinner.

More than likely the guys are hoping to talk Taylor out of this idea and get him some solid advice.

What advice do you have for Taylor?

You're how old? Man, tell your folks the deal. It may complicate things for a while, but you're in your twenties. Stop acting like you know how they will repond and live YOUR life! You have so much more to gain by the freedom you will have once you open up about this in all aspects of your life. It you don't express your passions, you're denying yourself the opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Peace, Love and Godd Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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11/19/2012 3:36PM
OPP: Going Home for Thanksgiving
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11/19/2012 6:28PM
The question you have to ask yourself Tyler is what option has a higher risk of giving you regret? My thought...many think love is the hardest thing to find in life, I believe it is trust. Once lost, may never be truly found, whole, again. Deception and lying lead ultimately to hurt and loss of trust. Ultimately all lies are exposed. Can you live with deceiving and lying to your parents, on a level as basic as who you are? Or will you regret it when it is exposed? I am not saying come out to your parents as that is a separate process. As a mother, probably very close in age to yours, with a son about your age , lying about self is the absolute worst thing we could ever do to each other and would cause more pain than anything else I can imagine. Think of living life without regret, especially when it comes to your actions, words, and deeds. The rest will take place in its own time. Good luck
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