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OPP: Give the Teeth Back


Jodie joined us live on the air to share her OPP today. She was engaged to be married. As an early wedding present, her fiancé’s dad, who is a dentist, fixed her bad teeth. Now that the wedding is off, he wants her to pay for the teeth! She says they were a gift and doesn't think she should owe him anything.

What do you think? Should she have to pay for the teeth?

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05/03/2013 5:08PM
OPP: Give the Teeth Back
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05/03/2013 5:35PM
He offered the teeth as a wedding gift. It's not like she asked for the teeth as a wedding gift. She shouldn't have to pay anything.
05/04/2013 3:24PM
By law in most states, an engagement ring (or the cost of the ring) must be returned if the wedding doesn't take place since it was given as a condition of marriage. If the teeth were given as a gift for the marriage, if the marriage doesn'ttake place, she owes the cost since she can not return the teeth.
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