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OPP: Give Him Another Chance


Today’s OPP lost a ton of weight and got a makeover and now she is being pursued by a guy…you may be saying, “Good for her,” but when you hear who the guy is you may want to tell her to run! She ran into her ex-boyfriend the other day and almost didn't recognize her since she lost so much weight! She said he would always comment on how great other girls looked and he emailed her to see if they could get together!

“Yi! I saw my ex-boyfriend over the weekend for the first time in a year. He almost didn't recognize me because I've lost a ton of weight and basically had an extreme makeover. A year ago, he would stare at other girls and make comments about how great they looked. Now, the tide has turned as he emailed me yesterday about getting together again. Should I give him another chance or cast his superficial self to the side of the road? - Nicki”

Slacker says to just move on, the ex is shallow and really doesn’t value her.  He believes that once you break up with someone you only remember the good things and the bad things go away. Steve thinks she kind of wants revenge, to lure him back only to break his heart.

What should she do?
Intern Melinda
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04/12/2013 5:14PM
OPP: Give Him Another Chance
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04/12/2013 5:22PM
He isn't worth the new her.
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