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OPP: Gift to 15-Year-Old


Karen’s daughter was given $1000 by her 16 year old sweetheart for Christmas. Karen doesn’t feel that the amount given is appropriate simply because of the age of the couple (her daughter is only 15) and now she has some concerns…

“Yi Slacker & Steve,

Our daughter came home from the mall with stuff she can't afford.  When pressed, she finally admitted her boyfriend has a part-time job, saved up his money and gave her $1000 as a Christmas gift.  He is 16 and our daughter is 15.  We think $1000 for a 15 year old is extremely inappropriate.  What do you think? Do we have the right to take the money away and return it to her boyfriend?"  What amount is more appropriate for a 15 year old girl?  Is her boyfriend attempting to "pay-for-the-V"?  How would you handle this situation?


Slacker said that he wouldn’t be comfortable if this amount was given to his own daughter… he wouldn’t feel comfortable if she was given any cash at all and in this case the $1000 should be returned in some form. Steve kind of waffled when it came to answering the question about her virginity, but he basically thinks that this money is somehow going to the cause.

What advice do you have?

I don’t know what the boyfriend’s intentions are- maybe he’s just being really generous or he is going after the “v-card”- but I feel that she should be able to keep the money and whatever she bought with it because in the end it was a gift.  However, I think that both sets of parents should sit down with couple and try to understand where this expensive generosity came from? Why $1000? 15 and 16 certainly isn’t 13 or 12, but teenagers this age don’t always make the best decisions so talking to them and trying to understand wouldn’t hurt; in this situation I think this is what would be best.

Stay classy!
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01/23/2013 5:26PM
OPP: Gift to 15-Year-Old
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