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OPP: Friend Zone


Blaine met a girl from work that is really hot. They started talking a couple weeks after he started at this job and she is really cool. They hang out on their breaks, at lunch and sometimes they even go out for a beer after work. Every time they are together all she does is complain about her boyfriend. He’s lazy; all he does is complain about his job, he plays too many video games, etc. Blaine would love to date this girl, but he is really confused. Does she want him to be her knight in shining armor and rescue her from her horrible boyfriend? Or is Blaine so far in the friend zone that she is comfortable enough to talk to him about her boyfriend?
Steve thinks that Blaine is in the friend zone; she is having “girlfriend” convo with him and he is going to stay there.  Slacker thinks that it may not be stuck in the friend zone; he just needs to make a move in order not to be stuck in the friend zone.  All hope may be lost in this case… 

What is your advice for Blaine?

I think Blaine should just play it by ear and see what happens, or just tell her how he feels. There are a lot of options in this situation…but I have never heard anything good about dating someone you work with. Who knows maybe he is feeling this way because he “can’t” date her.

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04/01/2013 5:28PM
OPP: Friend Zone
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