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OPP: Friend Taking Advantage at Work

Kayla has just recently been promoted to manager, after 10 years at the same company; her peers are now her employees.  The transition has been awkward to say the least.  Kayla is still remaining friendly, yet professional; she has stopped going to lunches and after-work activities.  Kayla wants her peers to understand that she is now the boss, most understand and have been very susceptible to the transition, but one former friend is taking Kayla being the manager too far.  This former friend is coming in late and leaving early, the first few times had quality excuses, but now it’s excessive. 
Slacker used to work at a music store, he was promoted, but his friend from high school was not.  Slacker’s friend was always chillin around watching TV, casually coming in, even though Slacker gave him plenty of warning.  Eventually Slacker had to fire his friend…
How can Kayla make her realize that she can’t get away with things just because they used to be work friends?
Kayla should say something, and if this behavior keeps continuing she should write down the behavior that she finds unfit…once it becomes over the top it could be grounds for firing her, at least there will be a paper trail.
Intern Lauren
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03/22/2013 5:34PM
OPP: Friend Taking Advantage at Work
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