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OPP: Freaked Out By Child Birth


Today’s OPP is from William…

Yi boys! I’ve got an issue that I figured you (Slacker at least) and you listeners could help me with. My wife and I have a 9 month old and things haven’t been the same since she was born. People told me that I would see some stuff in the delivery room that I wasn’t ready for, but I REALLY wasn’t ready for what I saw. To put it mildly, there was tearing, blood, poop, you name it. It kind of turned me off to anything south of my wife’s border and we haven’t had relations since our daughter was born. She is really starting to push the issue but it just grosses me out. Are there other guys out there that have gone through this type of thing? How did you get passed it?

Slacker had to really explain to Steve what things look like in the delivery room… Needless to say, Steve is freaked out because he thought that a woman’s “mommy parts” were Disneyland until now… Slacker was with his wife for the birth of their first son, and she ended up having a c-section.  He stayed behind the blue curtain that was blocking his view and declined when the doctor asked him if he wanted to cut the cord in fear that they would end up having another patient if he saw what was going on, on the other side of the curtain.  Slacker and Steve both agree that William is probably seeing his wife as a vessel right now and want to help him get past that…

What advice do you have for William?

I’m torn about this… Part of me is wondering if he has been in a bubble all his life and really had no idea what happens in a delivery room… The other part of me is remembering that I just got to see my nephew being born and though I wouldn’t have missed it, I’m not sure I wanted to see all of what goes on.  Ultimately, I think he needs to grow up and get back in the relations game with his wife. She’s the one that really went through something tough!

Intern Kelly

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12/06/2012 5:22PM
OPP: Freaked Out By Child Birth
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