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OPP: Flirty Coach


Today’s OPP comes from Melanie:

Yi boys! My daughter is trying out for a traveling sports team and I have been texting back and forth with one of the coaches. At first, we talked about schedules and sports…THEN, the texts got a little more flirty! Should I keep flirting with the coach to help my daughter make the team? Or should I stop it altogether? By the way, I’m not married.


Slacker’s very first question was, “But is he?”

Steve says there is nothing wrong with flirting, but Slacker says that’s not what she’s asking. He thinks she is wondering if she should put out. For Slacker, even though the coach has every right to have a love life, he should know not to go that far with a player’s parent.

Steve says it’s not sucking up or selling out, but it’s a game and you have to play it. If the coach is wavering on the decision, Steve doesn’t see the harm in turning up the charm. Slacker wants to know why Steve is not coaching anything then. Since he is single and there’s mom’s with kids that want their children to get a scholarship? Then we remembered, Steve doesn’t like kids...

What advice do you have for Melanie? Have you ever been in this situation?

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08/07/2013 5:13PM
OPP: Flirty Coach
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