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OPP: Family Vacation


Kimberly and her family have a trip to Hawaii planned but when her sister-in-law found out, they decided that they would go to Hawaii at the same time!
Her husband in passing, told his sister that they were going to Hawaii and in turn told their mom. The mother-in-law seemed to take this as in invitation and has invited themselves to their vacation. Kimberly and her family haven’t been on a vacation, ever and they finally have an opportunity to go!

What would you do in their situation?

Intern Melinda
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01/18/2013 5:46PM
OPP: Family Vacation
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01/22/2013 11:25AM
Find a good excuse not to go, and go when they are going on a trip somewhere else, or when you know
Good excuse is "budget," job cutting hours. You can even call in sick and pretend they cut some hours. Or, just have a good excuse that you guy's can't go. If they insist and even try to pay, then at least you saved your money for the next trip with your family. If you found a good excuse not to go. Then be ready and alert when they have a trip to see a family member at another state or something important that they can't go. Your trip doesn't have to be to Hawaii it can be anywhere but at least it is only who you want to take.
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