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OPP: Ex Has His Stuff

Yi! Today’s OPP is from Brianna; she’s engaged and getting ready to move into an apartment with her fiancé…but his ex is causing a major setback…

I'm looking for some advice. My fiancé and I are getting ready to move into our first apartment together, and his ex refuses to give him his stuff back. He has a lot of expensive things, such as a bedset, coffee table, dining room table, chairs, tv, etc. in her storage unit. He has been consistent on trying to get in contact with her to get it back, yet she is being immature and a little ridiculous about it. She hasn't responded to any of his phone calls, messages or texts. I do not want to step in because I don't feel as if it's my place. We need this furniture for our place and don't know any other way of going about it. Help!

Steve originally just though that Brianna’s fiancé was trying to avoid his ex up until he read that he has been actually trying to get his things back, now he is team Brianna. What can you do when a bitter ex hold on to your stuff… she’s holding on to thousands of dollars of items.  Slacker and Steve just don’t know what to do.

I have a feeling that the ex either sold it, just because I cannot imagine someone holding on to someone’s stuff and not giving it back.  Maybe going to her house and actually being there to make sure that he gets the things back.

Intern Lauren

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06/10/2013 5:30PM
OPP: Ex Has His Stuff
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