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OPP: Drug Runner


Her ex is coming through town and wants to see their son… if she lets him, it could get her involved in a situation that could land her in jail! 

Today's OPP comes from Candy...

Yi! My ex lives in a different state.  We have a child.  He called and asked to see our child on the way to and from a job he has accepted.  At first I was willing, but as I've had some time to absorb details; such as where he's going and who is with him;  I'm having a bit of deja vu from when we were married.
Toward the end of our marriage, finances were difficult.  A friend of my ex's made an offer, my ex would go pick up some "questionable items" and bring them back to his friend.  My ex got the half the money up front, and the other half on return.  He only did this a few times, but it kept us "afloat".
Skip forward, it's been some years, and we are divorced.  We live in different states, and I have primary custody.  I did allow my ex to see our child on the way to the "job", but after finding out some significant details, I am hesitant to let him see our child on the return trip.  A) I don't want us (my child and I) to be connected in any way, if he should get caught.  B) Part of me wants to turn in what information I have - i.e. name of my ex and his traveling companion, the return route, the type of vehicle, license and vin numbers; to the feds. What do I do?  If I turn in the information, how do I go about it?  I don't want to be implied in the case AT ALL.

Please HELP, Guys!

According to Slacker, basically, this guy is a "Mule" in TV land terms. He's also traveling with a child now. More than likely for cover...Not Candy's kid, but still. She doesn't want to be implicated, either. Slacker sees that protecting a child is to turn this guy in.

Steve see it as protection if you don't turn him in...

Slacker isn't sure whether to turn in the dad, but he would turn the guy in if this is really happening and he's using the kid as a human shield.

What advice do you have for Candy?
Just tell this guy he can see the kid when he doesn't have anything going on. He's using you as an enabler to get what he wants when it's only convenient for him. He knows you will porbably conform, since you did it in the past. Make the change and stand up to this guy. He can go to court for the details. After all, that is the hardest criminal to catch...the one who isn't breaking the law!

Peace, Love and Godd Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern
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11/15/2012 5:21PM
OPP: Drug Runner
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11/15/2012 5:55PM
Anonymis solution
I am a 14 year old girl and on the back of my student ID is a phone number to give anonymous calls, texts, and tips. It is called safe to tell the phone number is 1-877-542-7233
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