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OPP: Diaper Change


Her fiancé has stepped up to the plate to help raise her child...but he absolutely refuses to take care of the child in one way. He feels uncomfortable changing and bathing her!

“ Yi! My boyfriend and I got engaged in December. He moved in with me and my one-year-old daughter from a previous relationship last month. Everything is going well. He loves my daughter and our relationship is stronger than ever, but I have one issue. He refuses to help with bathing and changing my daughter's diapers.
He will play with her, put her to bed and take her to daycare, but he will not help with the diapers! I find it very frustrating! He says he feels uncomfortable changing her diaper because she is a little girl and she is not biologically his. Is this just his way to get out of helping with the dirtier jobs or is this pretty normal? I don't want to fight about this, but I'm not sure if I believe his reasons. Please help! –Wendy”

Slacker is strongly against Wendy in this situation, he believes that if things went south down the road that she could turn around and nail federal charges on him….Steve agrees with him.

What do you think?
Intern Melinda
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02/26/2013 5:28PM
OPP: Diaper Change
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02/26/2013 5:39PM
Diaper Change
Once your girls are out of diapers is a good time to also quit the showering and other related tasks. This is their naturally becoming "big kids" and need to become more independent.
02/26/2013 6:21PM
diper changing
Dude. No way is he lazy. As a mother, I would think he is smart and should be respected. All it takes is one bad brake up and his in jail. My respect goes to this man. And as far as the woman. Be glad he helps with everything else. You could be doing it all alone.
02/27/2013 4:54PM
OPP: Diaper Change
As a single parent - I totally agree with previous posters comments - if he is helpful in every way except wanting to change a diaper ... what is this lady complaining about ? My married with kid friend cant get her husband to consistently do any of the duties that the boyfriend does.. anyway I think its a moot point - what is this lady gonna do - break up with this guy because he doesn't change a diaper for a child that isn't his - but fills in every other aspect of a dad? I say reassess your situation and be grateful for what you have!
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