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OPP: Depressed Friend

Candy’s friend has been struggling with depression for a while now, and recently Candy noticed scars on her arms.  Candy wants to do what is best for her friend, and since her friend is begging her not to say anything it has put Candy in a tough situation.  Candy’s friend says that she has stopped, and that saying something would just make things worse. 
When you have a friend that might be suicidal or harming them self, do you oblige what they say or get help. Slacker has no idea on what to do.  Steve says that you shouldn’t say anything at least to the parents, because they could be the problem.  Slacker and Steve don’t really know what to do for today’s OPP.
What advice do you have?
I think that Candy could call a help line and explain the situation to a third-party to receive help on how to handle the situation.  Other than that this is a tricky situation and there isn’t much else to do than what is best for Candy’s friend.
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03/21/2013 5:18PM
OPP: Depressed Friend
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03/21/2013 5:38PM
OPP - Cutting
My Daugther cuts and it is a very slippery slope. She is taken to the emergency room everytime she does and it just fuels it more. She actually shows her friends her cuts so that they talk about it and she had this huge attention level. She is psychatric counseling and still after 6 years this is just all a 'draw' for her. She cuts deep enough for it to bleed and then gets people around her to interact - shock and awe type stuff. Then once they engage and help is found she explodes that people are interferring with her and this is her life. Also, for the high school aged group - cutting is almost a club. They talk about it constantly and then compare the results, it is discussed as if they were comparing soft drinks. Bottomline - she needs to tell someone, and she needs to start with the parents. For those who cut for the attention fix, those close to them have resources and often are some sort of intervention plan. Even for our daughter the school is aware so that if it is brought to their attention they have the correct escalation plan.
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