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OPP: Dead Dog


Today’s OPP knows what he wants to do, he just doesn’t know when he can do it…

Yi! Now that the holidays are over I was somewhat looking forward to being single again.  The girl I am dating is great but not what I'm looking forward to in 2013.  My plan is to break-up with her this week, very nicely though and in person.  But her childhood dog, who was well past his prime, just passed away.  There is no way to end this relationship in good conscience right now.  Can I wait a few days and then do it?  Or how long should I have to wait?  Do I have to be there for support?

 Steve has jumped on both sides of this topic about ten times so we’re still not really sure what he thinks, he’s just checked out.  Slacker, on the other hand, is totally against the idea of Grant breaking up with her right away.  Similar to a math table, he says that depending on the size and significance of the pet is how you know how long you have to wait to break up.  For example, a dog warrants 1-2 weeks before a break up can take place.  If the break up follows anything that is sad enough to grow a country song, it just cannot be done at the time. 

How long do you think he needs to wait to break up with her?

I think he needs to do it now.  I see no point in him faking any sensitivity to the loss of her dog if he doesn’t want to be with her.  And I can’t imagine that she wants to be seen as a charity case because of it either.  She’s gonna be hurt and sad no matter what, this will just hopefully make the length of sadness shorter.

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01/14/2013 5:28PM
OPP: Dead Dog
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