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OPP: Daughter's Thong


Today’s OPP comes from Alex, she writes:

My husband and I are fighting with our 12 year-old daughter over her new bathing suit purchase. She and her friends went out this past week and purchased thong bikinis which they plan to wear to (local pool or beach). I think 12 is too young to be wearing such a revealing two piece although her friends' parents say they have no problem with their daughters wearing them. I know if I don't allow my daughter to wear her new bikini she will be teased and may even start feeling self-conscious. I don’t want either of those things to happen. If you were me what would you do?

Slacker thinks the excuse “but all my friends are doing it” is not acceptable. He feels that ever since he had a daughter he has aged immensely. Slacker says bikinis are where it’s at…not thongs!

Steve says it’s like every year the age gets a little younger. He says it ultimately comes down to one thing: do you want your kid to fit in or stand out?

What would you advise Alex to do?

I think a thong bikini is definitely not age appropriate for a 12 year-old.  In my opinion, Alex needs
to lay down the law and take her daughter shopping for a cute, but less revealing bikini!

With Love,
Intern Elana

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07/09/2013 5:25PM
OPP: Daughter's Thong
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07/09/2013 5:50PM
Explain your reasoning to why you believe she shouldn't and then let her go. If it is so socially unacceptable someone at the pool will say something, then she will be embarrassed ALONG WITH her friends! Getting called out at the pool is something that should happen to them as a group and they all could learn from the decisions ( wise or not) they make. As Alex's girls grows up and faces even more difficult choices, it will make it easier to talk with her if you are honest. ~a middle school teacher
07/09/2013 10:54PM
Hell, NO!
I wouldn't let my 14 year old daughter wear a thong, bathing suit or otherwise. What a terrible message being sent to that girl if they give in and let her wear it. Just go ahead and tell her that you don't find it appropriate, but, following the crowd is the way to go. What's next, drugs? Sex? Stealing cars? Well, if you're friends are doing it, by all means, jump off the bridge with them! I can't believe that someone would even ask this question!
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