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OPP: Dating Outside My Race

Hailey need your help:

Yi! I recently graduated from college and am having trouble finding a job. It's been so tough that I had to move back in with my father. This is the worst case scenario for me because I have NEVER gotten along with him. I haven't brought my boyfriend over because he's not of the same race. My father, who is old school, would throw me out if he knew this. My boyfriend says he understands, but is somewhat hurt by the entire situation. I want to show my man how much I care about him, but if my father throws me out I won't have anywhere to go. Do you think it's a good idea to try to talk to my father about my relationship or should I talk to my boyfriend and ask him to be more understanding?
Steve can't relate to this situation, but he feels that Hailey needs to tow the line with her dad if this is where she's living. Slacker hid his first wife from his family when they first started dating because she was 10 years younger than him. His parents were a big fan of the girl before her and he thought that they wouldn't be so kind to her. They were living together but for a while, she would have to leave the house whenever his parents would come by. It was a tough situation for him to be in because he saw how he was hurting her so a week later he introduced her to his folks.
Should she talk to her dad? Should she talk to her boyfriend? What advise do you have for Hailey?
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12/04/2012 5:28PM
OPP: Dating Outside My Race
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