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OPP: Date My Kid's Teacher

Lacey is a single mom to an 8 year-old boy, and has been single since her son was just a baby. She hasn’t done much dating since work and taking care of her son requires most of her time. However her son’s teacher asker he out, although he is attractive and is interested in going on a date with him. However she is worried that it will be an extremely awkward situation. Is it okay to accept the date? Is it unfair to her son? And what happens if things don’t work out, how will it affect her son?
Slacker thinks it’s not a good idea in general. Steve on the other hand thinks that it isn’t a bad idea for Lacey, but he is worried how her son will take it and be affected by it.
What advice do you have for her?
I think that Lacey should wait till her son doesn’t have him as a teacher any more.  The school year is almost over, but starting a relationship with her son’s teacher could lead to some embarrassment for her kid.
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02/18/2013 5:22PM
OPP: Date My Kid's Teacher
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