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OPP: Dad Did Bad Things

Yi! Today’s OPP is from Billie

Hey guys, I've asked for advice before but this is a bit more intense I guess you can say. I moved to Wyoming  with my dad a few years back and I almost never got to see him. Yesterday I talked to my grandma, who I haven't talked to in maybe 10 years; she told me why she doesn't like him. He had done some terrible thing to my sister when she was very young, and we both have baby girls. Idk if I should even keep talkin to him...I don't know what to do....

Slacker thinks that the fact that she found out that he did inappropriate things to a child that it would be impossible to forgive them.  Both Slacker and Steve don’t know what to do in a situation like this. Their biggest question is would you leave them alone with the grandparent? They don’t know how that act is forgivable. 

What advice do you have for today's OPP?

I think that Billie should cut her losses.  With this type of situation, the kid should come first; and I wouldn’t want to expose my kids to a potentially harming situation. 

Intern Lauren

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06/24/2013 5:21PM
OPP: Dad Did Bad Things
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