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OPP: Covering for the Boss


Today’s OPP:

“Yi! I have been placed in an uncomfortable situation at work. My boss's wife has been calling me to see if he has been cheating on her. Although I don't know for sure, I do know that he takes long lunches several times a week and often closes his office door when his cell phone rings. When my boss leaves for his long lunches he instructs me to tell his wife that he is with a client. I hate covering for him! Each day, I feel more and more pressure to lie and I hate it. What do I do? How can I avoid being caught in the middle of my boss' mess?


Slacker and Steve feel that Samantha should just do what she’s told because the actions described in her letter do not allude to cheating behavior. Either do what you’re told or tell the wife to stop bringing her into their personal business.

What advice do you have?

It’s simple, she needs to tell his wife that she’s being inappropriate and it’s none of her business to know what her boss is doing when he goes to lunch or closes his door to take a call.

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

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06/26/2013 5:31PM
OPP: Covering for the Boss
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