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OPP: Cougar Mom


Meredith is 38, and a mother of two. Her oldest is away at college. Last weekend, Meredith ran into one of his high school buddies at a bar. They both got buzzed and kissed in the parking lot. On Sunday, he friended her on Facebook and suggested that they see each other again. Meredith isn’t sure if he has told her son. She doesn’t think he has. Should she tell her son or view this as a quiet fling? What's the rule on this? Is it wrong?

Slacker does not think this is a good idea; it’s weird that he is the same age as her son! He’s suggesting that she should take it for what it was and move on.  Steve doesn’t think its wrong, but the whole ‘relationship’ needs to be kept on the down low.

What should she do?

This is a significant age gap and kind of weird… I think Meredith should just quit while she is ahead.  This is just weird, and I would be completely uncomfortable if my parents had a thing with someone I went to high school with, let alone someone my age.

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04/04/2013 5:16PM
OPP: Cougar Mom
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04/04/2013 6:22PM
who are we to judge...
My parents had a wonderful marriage. for close to 30 years before my father died. The age different was 25 years. believe it. I didn't know as a child growing and really didn't care. As long as my folks loved each other and the kids. who cares the age. would it matter if I said my father and grandfather were born 6 days apart? And during the same year. I was close to marrying a guy 20 years my senior. but we broke up for personal reasons. nothing to do with age. kriscat
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