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OPP: Can't Look At Naked


So this might be one of the most difficult OPP’s to date.  Let’s start with the letter…

Yi guys,
I met a hot girl at my gym. After getting to know her for awhile I finally asked her if she wanted to get together outside of the gym. She agreed and now we have been on like 10 dates. We hadn’t really gotten physical, but this weekend things turned pretty hot & heavy on our date and we ended up back at my place. After some making out she took off her shirt and for the first time I saw her scars. It was a big shock because they were huge. She has always worn shirts that cover them up and never said anything about them. Apparently she was in a bad car accident as a kid and needed surgeries. It caught me by surprise and kind of grossed me out and for the first time in my life I asked if we could turn the lights off. Has anyone ever had something like this happen to them? Should I tell her that’s why I got weird? Should I not say anything and just keep pretending I like the lights off? Help guys!

This is difficult as it is and we’re sure you already have your opinions formed and so do we.  Kind of…

Steve starts by saying that he will not crucify Brian for this.  Slacker says that it’s a situation where nobody is right or wrong yet.  Brian was caught off guard and isn’t saying it’s a total deal breaker.  But should she have warned him? Or is it better that she didn’t and saw his true reaction.  Slacker and Steve agree that there is still a possibility for this relationship because she is beautiful in every other way and he is trying to work this out instead of run right away.

What do you think Brian should do?

I already know the twist in this story so I’m just going to say this, I have one of those things that I choose to bring to a potential partners attention.  I don’t need to be naked because it is my hand but, I think that it’s all a part of the honesty that should be in a relationship. 

Here’s the twist…Brian is really a girl named Brianna that met a hot guy at the gym and the rest of the story is as was told already.  Does that change your opinion?

Intern Kelly

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01/07/2013 5:41PM
OPP: Can't Look At Naked
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