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OPP: Bug Out Bag

Yi! Today's OPP comes from Carissa:
Yi Slacker and Steve,
I’ve been dating a guy and I’ve started to find stuff in his apartment that is really freaking me out. The first thing that I found was a stack of cash in a plastic bag in his closet. I’m not talking like $100, it’s probably closer to $5,000! He told me that he just liked having cash on hand for emergencies. Then a few weeks after finding the cash, I found a map in his desk that had drug stores, sporting goods stores, military bases and back county roads all highlighted. He told me the map is so he can load up on supplies and we can escape if anything catastrophic ever happens. This all freaked me out a little but then I found his bag. He has a bag ready to go that has clothes, food, his passport, ropes, tarps, and a gun in it. I haven’t confronted him about it yet but I’m kind of starting to think that I’m dating a crazy person! What should I do? Should I leave him now or is he doing the right thing?
What do you think? Is he crazy and should she run?

08/28/2013 9:30PM
OPP: Bug Out Bag
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