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OPP: Bipolar Roommate


Kathrine is a college student still living at home and thinking about moving out but need some advice.  Kathrine loves her mom, but her mood swings are out of control.  One minute she tells Kathrine how happy she is with her still being at home, and she can't imagine not seeing her every day, then the next minute Kathrine’s mom says that she needs to grow up and get her own life.  At this point Kathrine is afraid that her mom might smother her with a pillow while she’s sleeping so she’s is thinking about moving out but is worried about what her leaving might do to her mother.
Slacker and Steve are positive that they are not sure what to do in this situation.  Slacker isn’t sure if he would be able to leave or not, he personally doesn’t think that he could move out. When Steve was starting his career, he left his sickly mom in the care of other family members in order to start his career, but still feels some guilt from the choice he had to make. 
What advice do you have?
In this case I think that Kathrine should do what is best for her.  Who knows maybe her moving out they will become closer, and there will be less of an emotional roller coaster to battle.
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03/04/2013 5:36PM
OPP: Bipolar Roommate
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03/04/2013 5:58PM
from audrey
Katherine, You need to move out for sure. it is the only way your relationship will grow to the next step of human development. If your mom needs mental checkup then she will have to do that on her own. but your life shouldnt be put on hold because of quilt trips and emotional roller coaster. good luck, audrey
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