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OPP: Bad Mom


Today’s OPP:

“Yi guys,I’m dating a single mom of a 10 and a 8 year old. When we go out she leaves the 10 year old in charge. I think that is way too young to be babysitting and I’ve kinda hinted to her that maybe she should get someone with more life skills then a 4th grader to care for the lives of her children. I think she’s pretty cool but I don’t think I can date a bad mom. Would anybody else have a problem with this? How do I tell her that I have to break it off because I don’t like how

she handles her kids? Brett (not my real name)”

Steve doesn’t care because he’s not interested in a long term relationship and he’s not interested in her children because he’s not gonna be spending time with her children… it’s not his place because he’s only interested in the physicality.  In this situation Steve thinks she’s being selfish.  Slacker wouldn’t be able to overlook this if the woman he was dating acted like this.

What advice do you have for Brett (not his real name)?

I think if he has a problem with this he should say something, especially if he likes spending time with this woman. I think he’s totally justified in having an issue with this because it’s the principle of the fact that the children are so young.  

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

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03/13/2013 5:38PM
OPP: Bad Mom
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03/13/2013 6:22PM
law comment
I want to comment the lady's claim about there being a law that you can't leave kiddos home alone until they're 12. That's incorrect. People often think that because this is the age that babysitting classes. Judging when it's okay when to leave kids home alone is based on many factors, including maturity, ability to understand what to do in an emergency, length if time & if there are people checking in (of course these are just examples & doesn't include all factors). There are some teenagers who are not mature or have the mental capacity to be left home alone. I am certainly not advocating for leaving a 10 & 8 year old home alone (I would never do that), but wanted to comment that there's absolutely no law regarding that. Thanks!
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